International Animation Festival 26.09-1.10.2023
Athens Pride Week – Animapride IV

Animasyros International Animation Film Festival is collaborating with Festival de Cine Hispanófono de Atenas – FeCHA for the 2nd year running and are presenting during Athens Pride Week a selection of animation and short films online.

The films of Animapride IV will be available via the website and the films of Diversidad II will be available via

The films will be available to view online from 12.00 on Wednesday 9th September until 12.00 on Thursday 10th September for all devices in Greece.

The films of Animapride IV:

Animapride IV

Jar (Lizzy Dolce, USA, 2017, 1’35”)
It’s time for a snack but something has gone wrong.

Mom’s Clothes (Jordan Wong, USA, 2018, 5’35”)
An account of what it is like to be out.

Zoodio 54 (Rodrigo Rodriguez, UK, 2017, 5′)
Two inseparable friends are going to hit the hedonistic clubs of London.

My Little Princess (Hathaison Gerdprasert, USA, 2018, 4’45”)
The life journey of a trans woman, seen as she is dancing with her father on her wedding day.

The Night Cleaner (Blair Fukumura, Canada, 2017, 5′)
This is Travis’ story, as he is cleaning a gay sauna.

The Fish Curry (Abhishek Verma, India, 2017, 12′)
A film about a son coming out to his father as he is preparing his favourite meal.