International Animation Festival 26.09-1.10.2023
Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis

We present our new production! The dramatized animation documentary “Hellenic Places: Hermoupolis”, based on the original idea of animating the history of Hermoupolis, emerging from the waters of the Aegean Sea on Syros, in the middle of the island chain of the Cyclades. The director of the film is the Cypriot, Charalambos Margaritis, the original drawings and characters are created by the illustrators Vasilis Evdokia and Lefteris Phaeda, while the script was supervised by the historian Maria Sampatakaki and was narrated by the actor Simos Patieridis. The film is funded by the emergency support program for the production of animation films by the Ministry of Culture, due to the Covid-19 implications, and is expected to be completed within the first half of 2021.


Watch the kick-off trailer of the film here